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We offer services to make your text shine. Be it a book manuscript, a brief text, the copy for your website or even your screenplay, having professionals work on it will elevate your writing and make it stand out. Look at our services below and contact us if you have questions. We will be happy to hear from you.



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Ghosh-Keats Medical Notebook
Harrison-Pale Tiger_DxO
Mitchell-Blood Acre_DxO
Sanmark-What is North
Palmer-Dangerous Book
I have had the pleasure of working with the editors of Read Panda for over ten years on a vast range of topics. They have worked on projects to do with the United Nations, with religious traditions, and with key environmental and sustainability issues, as well as on poetry and prose – including a new poetic version of the Bible. They bring to all they do a deep knowledge of history and love of literature which means they become companions in the journey not a corrector of failures alone! I thoroughly recommend them as people with a profound understanding of language and delight in knowledge.
Martin Palmer
As an author, I have found Read Panda to be an invaluable service to me. They are efficient and courteous and give you the book you want.
Lady Roche-Jefferson

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